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July 10th, 2014

Two Years!

Well hello there.

Has it really been over two years since i have posted here, i guess a lot of my friends have moved to facebook and it is easier. Maybe i can use this for my thoughts and the what.

So what has changed in the last two plus years? Well one major change is i'm a mum! I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Lacey Leigh Robinson, on 21st January and she really is the most amazing precious thing on this earth. Since she has been born my moods have changed dramatically, it's like now i have something to live for there is no more emptiness i used to have. Sure i still suffer with the OCD but it is so much more manageable and I'm even in cbt/therapy to deal with the shit that has happened to me.

Also I am engaged to the most amazing guy (still Lee) ever! We plan on getting married in 2016 if all goes well (or maybe a little sooner) and looking to try for another baby soon as well.

Work is still crap (although i am on maternity at the moment) but hopefully that will sort itself out after an interview this week. I am studying with the OU for a degree in Criminology and Psychological Studies and plan on using it to become a social worker but thats a long term plan right now.

Still in Zombieland ... erm i mean Elland, and whilst i'm still not happy with the house we are planning on making some changes soon.

So thats it, nothing else much but i'd say that's a fair amount.

See you in two years probably x

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