Lizzie (the_darkfae) wrote,

Yup Yup

So we have moved, still in halifax at a nice big pub. We have a lot of work todo but we are planning on putting on some bands and what nots. We have a function room on the first floor with the main living quarters, and i get the whole top floor all to myself (well i share with the cats) but its got two big rooms and two massive cupboards.

Paul got me roses for valentines which was extra special since it was the first time i've ever had flowers. He's taking me to a resturant tomorrow night and i have bought a killer dress for it!

Looking forward to Rachels hen weekend this weekend. Haven't seen her in ages and so miss her. I watched an episode of charmed on tv last night (since my own boxset has disappeared) and it made me miss her all the more :(

Went to wendy for the first time in ages which would have been good had i not been in pain, but was great to see everyone and hopefully i should be able to go next month. I think Paul even enjoyed himself!

Anyway am working tonight so have to get ready, later aligaters

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