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So i really am crap.......

..... i have started a new post about 60 times with this but never finish them, maybe this time.

So what have i been up to.

Well looks like i am officially a geek! Last weekend i went to my very first convention. It was Starfury's Vampire Ball which if not so self explanatory is a vampires in tv shows convention and had folk from Buffy, Angel and True Blood. Anyone on my facebook will see that i got pictures with the uber cute Allan Hyde (Godrick in True Blood) and my future husband *cough*i wish*cough* Christian Kane (Lindsay McDonald in Angel and Eliot Spencer in Leverage). On top of all that i got to meet all the guests and had a lovely talk with Juliet Landau (Drucilla in Buffy) about make-up, oh and Allan Hyde told me he loved me! The whole weekend was amazing, like totally fab! The talks were funny and i go to meet lots of lovely people. Can't wait to go back next year! Plus there is a Leverage con as well.

Ok what else. Again, pictures will have been seen by folks on facebook but i was in a play! I joined a theatre group in Halifax and was straight away given a part in "The Graduate", it was only a small part but it had lines. I played a stripper, at first i was concerned about being on stage in nothing more than underwear but after the first night of swinging my nipple tassles i was hooked. The response i got was amazing and the confidence boost was out of this world, I forgot how much i loved acting and how passionate i was when i was so young. On top of what was an amazing performance the director saw to it that every other director in the theatre company knew how good i was to work with which i am told is a major compliment.

Hmm what else.... oh yeah not so fun, i was unfortunately taken into hospital back in September with a ruptured lung, something which i am still struggling with especially in this weather, it meant a lot of tests with horrible needles and what not which wasn't fun, and has left me unable to walk anywhere far or anything for sometime now.

Ooooo oooooo oooooo, i got a new job, still with same guys but i'm not a specialist sales consultant, and i am loving it. I'm back on the phone talking to customers, it's a pay rise plus bonus! I've just been let fully loose on the customers and i am already do quite well.

It'll be good to have the extra money as Paul lost his job back in the summer and hasn't been able to get a new one yet so things have been very tight money wise, plus we are looking at finding a place in Leeds to live cause i miss going out and it would be easier and cheaper to get to work if i didn't have to deal with trains all the time.

Ok i think thats the lot, don't think i have missed anything out......and x-factor is about to start and my crappy cold is making me tired, hmmm i think i need to come back here more often!

until then xxx
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