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bet you never thought you would hear from me again?

I totally forgot about having my lj and then remembered this last week. How crazy is it that I used to post here like every day? and now its been like months

anyway, I don't know who is still on here, or who will read this but guess will see.

so what's been going on in Lizzie land?

well I'm back in Leeds, Woop! I have a three bed in armley that is nice and not massively expensive, and it's all to myself and the kittens! After the last post I said I was moving in with my mum, which i did and it was hell. I had to switch on to permanently 12-9pm shifts which are good cause its no weekends, and you get a week off every eight weeks which is great, shame about finishing at nine every night, ha! but it was the only way to survive the late nights cause of the pub and the over three hours of travel a day.

Now it takes me ten mins to get to work, so totally love it!

Hmm what else... oh i am seeing a guy called Lee, he's totally lovely and nice (actually too nice) he's a couple of months older than me and has two lovely little girls. We've been seeing each other about six months and we are talking about him moving in when he sells his house.

Erm still playing Sims, watching tv and moaning about not going out. Also still in crap with money but after a recent almost suicide attempt i am having a community nurse assigned to me to help with that plus other stuff like my career and meds and other crap.

Am off work at the moment but due to go back next week, and plan on doing so, i don't want to fall back into the trap of being off sick for months, and its been two years since i have had to have sick at work due to my mental illness so am determined to get back on track.

Well that was a big update for me, gonna go now as the internet says my pizza is on it's way and i have just bought beauty and the beast on DVD which is my favourite disney so gonna watch that,

hopefully it won't be long till you hear from me again



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Oct. 4th, 2011 12:32 am (UTC)
Hi, I'm the mod and maintainer of the urbanpagan comm - I approved your request for membership.

I don't know what your diagnosis is, but bipolarsurvival is a good comm for getting support and information. You might want to consider joining. I'm a member.
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