Lizzie (the_darkfae) wrote,


So i have finally been cleared to go back to work! woop!

sitting around the house for the last six weeks have been sending me crazier than i already am. I still have to go to councilling which is fair enough, and they said things will get worse before they get better, which is why i went la la last time. having to deal with certain past issues have caused my nightmares to increase and my depression to deepen.........

but, i have a great boyfriend who is so supportive, two amazing friends who are there for me, and a regrowing social network to help keep my mind busy. Add that my shifts art work have now changed so i am not on permanent late shifts i can finally do things again. I'm still on a rotational shift pattern but at least sometimes i will be home by half four!

Still working on my crystal healing and my aromatherapy and making good headway (or i would if i left sims social alone lol).

And very excitably so i am going out this weekend! Going to wendyhouse for first time in ages! might not stay long but it's a start and maybe eventually i will get my courage up to go to flock again sometime soon :S
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