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I'm bloody freezing!

my boiler has broken down and i have no heat :( it's been dodgy since the weekend and i have been on at my landlord to send someone out. On the plus side since my pay was down £200 this month from not being in work i couldn't put any money on the gas card, well if the boiler don't work then i can't use too much gas can i, see silver lining, although it feels like a frosted silver lining atm, lol

Hmm so back at work now, working with Amy which is cool sometimes and not others :/

Went to Wil and Georges house-warming Saturday, their new house is pretty and Isobel is soooo cute, and now i get to annoy Wil about the christening. Was nice to see Rushey and Sam as well.

Samhain was nice, Rachel and Carol came round and we did a simple cleansing ritual which i promised Lee i would repeat at the new moon. Only let down was the lack of trick or treaters, i still have loads of sweets left, somehow i thought living in the middle of an estate in Armley might have been busy but no potatoes.

Go a couple of hours to kill till Lee gets home from work and then we are gonna have scampi and chips for tea, yum!

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