Lizzie (the_darkfae) wrote,

Positive steps!

Positive steps will lead me in the right direction.

So i have decided to stop burying my head in the sand and decided to get things done.

I've been involved with the national debtline today and found out my options. I have been toying with the option of bankruptcy for so long and have been putting it off. I was fighting the decision for a long time but the stress from certain debts along with associations with them are hindering me from moving on and becoming the person i was before.

It turns out that since i wasn't informed of the repossession and that i have no chance in hell of paying it, add to the fact that the shortfall from the repossession is making my mental illness so much worse i have a strong chance of having it written off. If that happens then everything else is cake!

I am putting all my energies into this since if i want to have my own business then bankruptcy is not an option, also the small matter of losing a job i am good at!

Today i have been in touch with debitors and whatnots and got a couple of options with balls rolling! Not bad for a day off work!

In other news, i am quite cold but the boiler is fixed but costs a fortune to run so keeping it to minimum, who ever said diamonds were a girls best friends were wrong, it's clearly hot water bottles! All excited for the xmas party at work quite soon and my outfit may be top notch, would loved to have lost some more weight but the depression and the scaring from the tear last year are arguing with that fact. I have lost a little weight though.

Now i think its time for beans and sausages on toast, catch up on tv and sims social until my flapjack comes home
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