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So i am currently on long term sick, occupational health are getting involved in my case to see what we can do, since my mental health issues are pretty much life long i have to look after me the best i can.

That saying, moved back to halifax last night, well sort of, most of my stuff is still at the Leeds house. The fun part is Lee has given me a pretty much free rein with decorating the house and since i'm not at work i'll have plenty of time to do it.

And since i found out today that apparantly work have been under paying me i will be getting a little extra bonus in my next pay, coupled with the bond from the Leeds house means that i can give Lee money towards the new TV.

OOOO i got a pretty new laptop, it's smaller and more powerful and is windows 7, which at first annoyed me as my trusty philips media streamer is no longer compatable but then i found out that no panic needed as my xbox connects to windows media player on my computer and whalla lizzie is back to watching tv on tv, oh how we are pleased by small things.

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