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So all moved in.

Still a few boxes to unpack but the majority is done. I am glad that Fade and Raine have settled in now, i think the fact that they have had fish three times this week and that they can lounge in front of an living flamed fire helps, he he!

But the rest will have to wait, we have the kids this weekend and they will be consuming all the time we have i think. WE are gonna go to my mums in Huddersfield to see Misty and Molly (cats) and also want to visit Lee's parents, i'd promised Ben (Lee's nephew i would install sims for him)

Next week i sign up for my A level psychology course and hopefully get our new tv for the living room. Also gonna decorate the bathroom, not much to do, it's already tiled like a terracotta type colour so gonna do a warm yellow for the walls as they are too dark at the moment.

Now i think it is time for chocolate crepes and the latest episode of Big Bang Theory (our whole universe.......)
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